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    Luxair Vape Kit – CBD

    $ 65.00

    Luxair is an ultra discreet, Juul compatible vape pen created for the casual user or connoisseur. Slim as a USB stick, each Luxair pen can deliver approximately 150 pulls per cartridge and produces significant vapor plumes on demand. The Luxair pen delivery system is perfectly designed so that everyone can achieve their optimal dosage, without over doing it.

    (Charging Corded Not Provided – Uses Micro USB)

    100% CBD


    Discretion is key, slim in the palm and virtually no scent.
    Healthwise it has Removed the toxins and carcinogenic risks associated with smoke.
    Higher potency means fewer hits to achieve the desired effect.


    The Luxair pen is sheathed in an aluminum matte black case, with a rechargeable port in the bottom. These pens can be used for many cartridges! They are Juul compatible, if you haven’t heard of Juul, they are currently the hottest vaping product in the United States.
    Luxair pods come loaded with premium, pure cannabis oil that offer a sumptuous, strain-specific experience. Our formulas are always changing to our customers desires, we have a few favourites that we will always have and then rotate in other flavours. Be sure to try them all

    At this point the oil has distilled out the properties of the plant and what we are left with is pure thc which holds almost no flavour. We re-infuse it using terpenes and natural flavours to create the most delicious and flavourful product around.
    Our growers only use the premium AAAA bud.

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